2015 Toyota Etios Road Test

Etios, a great option for first time buyers

Charl Wilken

With inherent Toyota qualities of reliability, good build quality and durability, this 5-year old Etios still looks and drives great. For first time or budget buyers it delivers great value for money at under a R 100 000.



Model: 2015 Toyota Etios 1.5 XS Sprint (5dr)

Pre-Owned Price: R 99 900

Mileage: 122 600km

Warranty: Options available

Fuel Consumption (combined): 6.0-litres/100km

0-100km/h: 11.3 seconds

Contact: Tiaan Schumyn from Motus Ford Germiston at 010 597 0982


Background and condition of vehicle:

  • For a five-year old vehicle the Etios was in an impressive condition.

  • Certainly true testimony to Toyota durability and quality.

  • As expected from a 2015-model, I did notice some minor scratch marks on the bodywork.

  • Inside the plastic trim seemed durable and were totally scratch free.

  • Some wear on the silver trim on the steering wheel and gearlever were noticed, which again is quite common for a vehicle with more than a 100 000km on the clock.

  • This Etios came equipped with four new 175/65R14 tyres.


Performance and Economy:

  • The highlight of the Etios is most certainly it’s punchy little 1500cc 16-valve engine.

  • In and around town it’s a breeze to drive with impressive amounts of low-down grunt for such a small engine.

  • All out performance is more than decent too, with the 0-100 km/h sprint dispatched in 11.3-seconds.

  • Buyers will struggle to find a vehicle with better all-round performance than the Etios at this price point.

  • The Etios also delivers decent fuel economy, with a quoted combined fuel economy figure of 6.0-litres per 100km.


How does it drive?

  • For a budget vehicle of this nature the Etios is pretty comfortable.

  • Ride quality was actually a bit softer than I expected and therefore even rougher roads posed no problems for the Etios.

  • The chassis seemed to react well to steering inputs, ensuring the Etios is a keen handler and certainly a fun little car to drive on an everyday basis.

  • The 5-speed manual gearbox proved effortless to use and still shifted sweetly between the cogs.


Inside the vehicle:

  • Overall the fit and finishes inside the Etios were good.

  • A big positive was the durable nature of all the materials used inside the cabin.

  • Unfortunately the hard to the touch plastic trim did look a little cheap, this is however a common problem with budget vehicles at this price point.

  • Standard features proved somewhat limited, although all the most essential features are included:


    • Air-conditioning                                                                       

    • Central Locking                                                                                                 

    • 12 Volt and USB ports                                                                                       

    • Radio with CD-Player                                                           

    • Electric windows all-round

    • Power steering

    • Dual-Airbags 

    • ABS Braking


Space and Practicality:

  • The interior felt quite roomy and can easily accommodate four adults.

  • Head and leg room in the front as well as the rear of the vehicle proved to be more than generous.

  • The boot area offers 251-litres of space, while the rear seats also fold down for added practicality and loading space.


Reasons to test drive the Toyota Etios:

  • At under a R 100 000 the Etios is without a doubt an excellent buy, especially for first time buyers.

  • The punchy 1500cc engine delivers unrivalled performance at the price, while overall comfort also proved to be excellent.

  • Good residual values and Toyota reliability should give buyers added piece of mind with this budget purchase.


The Final Verdict:

(+)  Best performance at this price point

(+)  Good all-round comfort

(+)  Reliability

(-)   Hard plastic trim