Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

One of BMW’s most anticipated M models – the M4 CS – was unveiled recently at Kyalami. Wynter Murdoch got to drive it.

Things happen quickly in a BMW M4 CS. Straight stretches of tarmac that link Kyalami’s 16 corners are traversed at such pace there’s little time to concentrate on anything but a fast approaching piece of black top that’s shooting off to the left or right.

The journey through each corner is punctuated by tyre squeal on entry and, on exit, the throaty growl of the car’s four-barrel performance exhaust system. In between, it’s a hell of a job to get the CS’s nose turned in at just the right angle to allow the vehicle to run smoothly through the bend.

Too hard on the brakes before entry and the front wheels squirm like snakes. Too sharp on turn in and understeer is quick to manifest. Too forceful on the throttle at the exit and the rear of the car tends to break away.